Gerhard Hüdepohl was born in Germany in 1957.
Since his early years he has been fascinated by nature and soon he started to capture its beauty with his camera.

In 1997 he moved from Germany to Chile, where he frequently travels through the Atacama Desert to photograph remote and little known places.

Apart from the desert he enjoys to explore locations where nature is still mostly untouched, such as Antarctica and subantarctic islands, the temperate rainforests and glaciers of Patagonia or the jungle and mountains of Bolivia.

As a private pilot Gerhard Hüdepohl often takes the opportunity to fly over astonishing landscapes to capture them from the air.

His photos have been widely published in books, magazines, exhibitions and calendars.

Gerhard Huedepohl  
Fotos: G.Hüdepohl & H.-J. Pfund