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ATACAMA is a new book by the photographers Gerhard Hüdepohl and Hans-Jürgen Pfund.

It shows in depth the surprising landscapes and flora and fauna of the Atacama desert in

more than 120 fascinating photos.

Editorial Kactus, estimated publishing date: October 2015

Atacama book title

Gerhard Hüdepohl was born in Germany in 1957.

He has come to photography at an early age and what used to be a hobby has – over the years – turned into a serious occupation
which by now absorbs an important share of his time.

The electronic engineer has been living in Chile since 1997 where he works at the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) on Cerro Paranal.

He is particularly fascinated by nature, especially pristine and unknown landscapes along with their flora and fauna. Besides Antarctica and Patagonia a focal point of his photographic work is the Atacama desert.

His photos have been published in books, magazines, exhibitions and calendars.

In 2010 he was nominated “ESO Photo Ambassador”.